In 1999, a new revised curriculum was introduced into Irish Primary Schools and we have embraced that curriculum.  The Aims, Principles and Features of this new curriculum are outlined below.


The Uniqueness of The Child


The Primary School Curriculum celebrates the uniqueness of the child, as it is expressed in each child’s personality, intelligence and potential for development. It is designed to nurture the child in all dimensions of his or her life—spiritual, moral, cognitive, emotional, imaginative, aesthetic, social and physical.


The curriculum recognises the integrity of the child’s life as a child and aims to cater for his or her needs and potential as they evolve day by day. By meeting these needs, the curriculum enriches the child’s life and the foundations are laid for happiness and fulfilment in later education and in adult life.


The Child and Society


The curriculum acknowledges that children live in and are a part of society, and that their personal development is deeply affected by their relationships in the home and with other people in society. The curriculum takes full account of these aspects of the child’s life in seeking to balance individual and social development, in developing an appreciation of how the different dimensions of life complement each other, and in helping the child to work co-operatively with others.


Education and Society


The relationship between education and society is dynamic and interactive. Education not only reflects a society but is an influence in shaping its development. It helps to equip children to share in the benefits of the society in which they live and to contribute effectively to that society’s sustenance and evolution.


The curriculum reflects the educational, cultural, social and economic aspirations and concerns of Irish society. It also takes cognisance of the changing nature of knowledge and society and caters for the needs of individual children in adjusting to such change.


In order to realise this view of the child and education, the curriculum outlines a detailed and structured framework of content that is comprehensive and flexible. It promotes the active involvement of children in a learning process that is imaginative and stimulating. Its overall vision is to enable children to meet, with self-confidence and assurance, the demands of life, both now and in the future.


The Full Document Detailing the New Curriculum can be downloaded here and we do recommend Parents read it.

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