Roots of Empathy is an evidenced based classroom program that has shown significant effect in reducing levels of aggression and bullying among school children while raising social/emotional competence and increasing empathy.


Through observing a baby master key milestones in its’ first year of life the boys are taken through a series of engaging lessons which heightens their empathy with others.

Emotional Literacy

At the heart of the program are a neighbourhood infant and parent who visit the classroom every three weeks over the school year.


A trained Roots of Empathy Instructor coaches students to observe the baby’s development and to label the baby’s feelings.

They are more competent in understanding their own feelings and the feelings of others (empathy) and are therefore less likely to physically, psychologically and emotionally hurt each other through bullying and other cruelties.


In the Roots of Empathy program children learn how to challenge cruelty and injustice. Messages of social inclusion and activities that are consensus building contribute to a culture of caring that changes the tone of the classroom.


In this experiential learning, the baby is the “Teacher” and a lever, which the instructor uses to help children identify and reflect on their own feelings and the feelings of others.


This “emotional literacy” taught in the program lays the foundation for safer and more caring classrooms, where children are the “Changers”.

The Instructor also visits before and after each family visit to prepare and reinforce teachings using a specialized lesson plan for each visit.


Our trained Roots of Empathy Instructor is Ms De Burca and our “Teacher” is Baby Grainne.


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If you’d like more information about the Roots of Empathy Programme please feel free to visit http://www.rootsofempathy.org/ or contact us if you’d like more information.

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