The Junior Entrepreneur Programme (JEP) is a unique programme which has an alumnus of 26,500 children who have created entrepreneurial businesses in their classrooms in Ireland.


Every child proposes an idea and during the 12-16-week programme one is selected as the class business. Each child invests a small amount of capital in the business and receives their share of the profits. It’s not just a business plan, but a real business conceived from scratch with real products and services and real customers who pay for what is produced.


It all comes together at the Junior Entrepreneur School Showcase Day.


This innovative programme opens the minds of primary school pupils to the joy of entrepreneurship at a time in their lives when they are full of imagination and open to new possibilities.


The programme helps participating pupils to develop a number of skills including literacy, writing, presentation, drawing, technology, research skills, numeracy, financial, consumer awareness, storytelling, listening skills, creative thinking, problem solving, team building and collaboration skills.


The programme has a significant personal development impact on participating pupils, building confidence, self-awareness and self-esteem, and an appreciation of individual skills and talents.


There are 7 Steps in the Process as follows:


1. Discover – The class is introduced to the idea of entrepreneurship and identify local entrepreneurs in their area.

2. Ideas – Pupils brainstorm, they present their ideas to a panel and choose the project that they’re going to turn into reality.

3. Inspire – A local business person visits the classroom to share their business story.

4. Research – Pupils research their idea and learn about surveys and their market.

5. Teams – Pupils learn about their talents and skills and those of their classmates.

6. Create – Pupils turn their idea into a reality by designing, producing, costing, creating, marketing and selling their product/service at a fun showcase day.

7. Showcase – Pupils evaluate the project and reflect on their achievements.


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If you’d like more information about the Junior Entrepreneur Programme please feel free to visit http://www.juniorentrepreneur.ie or contact us if you’d like to help us with this initiative.

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